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    This loving stillness within me

    Without getting to know this loving stillness within me, I would never develop so much interest in the obstacles, that seem to cover this dimension, and thus inquiry and self-inquiry would never become as relevant as it is now.

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    The only advice

    As far as the credibility of all spiritual teachers and mystics is concerned, in my opinion there is basically only one difference between real mystics and deceivers. The authentic spiritual teachers and mystics will never give us advice on how…

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    Transformation of the body-mind

    When the spiritual awakening actually begins to be embodied, it seems to transform the body and the mind. One of the “side effects” of this embodiment, as Adyashanti would probably call it, is the gradual relaxation. When the power of…

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    As I began to love myself

    As I began to love myself I understoodThat I’m always and at any circumstance, in the right place at the right timeAnd I understood that everything is right and happens at the exactly right momentFrom then on I could be…

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    Return of the self to the self

    The story of the awakening of consciousness in this particular, individual form, runs in waves between the focus on the silent, serene, loving nature of consciousness, all the unconscious that comes to light, and the silent nature of consciousness again.…

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    Using psychology in the service of spirituality

    Understanding the unconscious, narcissistic, ego-driven, dysfunctional, unhealthy, hurtful, harmful, toxic, manipulative, self-centered, fear-based and therefore unloving dynamics in family and relationships is part of self-understanding. Unconscious, harmful interpersonal dynamics are still the order of the day, and psychology can help…

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    The demand to be safe in a relationship inevitably breeds sorrow and fear. The seeking for security invites insecurity. Have you ever found security in any of your relationships? Have you? Most of us want the security of loving and…

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    The Family And The Desire For Security

    WHAT AN UGLY thing it is to be satisfied! Contentment is one thing and satisfaction another. Satisfaction makes the mind dull and the heart weary; it leads to superstition and sluggishness, and the edge of sensitivity is lost. It is…