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    Der Mann der Mittelmäßigkeit

    Er hat sich der Mittelmäßigkeit verpflichtet  Und liefert Mittelmäßigkeit, Wo er nicht hingeht  Kreativität des Mittelmaßes   Ängstlich  Vorsichtig  Neidisch  Rachsüchtig  Angepasst Kein Tiefgang ist hier möglich  Allerhöchstens ein schlechter Witz Oder ein Zitat Auf den sozialen Medien  Die Kunst des Mittelmaßes  Ist keine Kunst …

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    There is no such thing as personal happiness

    Psychology is concerned with the phenomenal content of consciousness. Therefore it cannot show us the way to the nature of consciousness itself, and thus to lasting serenity, happiness, love and compassion. Psychology can perhaps show us what content seems to…

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    Using psychology in the service of spirituality

    Understanding the unconscious, narcissistic, ego-driven, dysfunctional, unhealthy, hurtful, harmful, toxic, manipulative, self-centered, fear-based and therefore unloving dynamics in family and relationships is part of self-understanding. Unconscious, harmful interpersonal dynamics are still the order of the day, and psychology can help…

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    The “old stuff” has to leave our system first

    In the natural, effortless letting go of old patterns, old ways of thinking, old ways of life and familiar, often toxic, because unconscious people, everything that seems to prevent an awakened, serene and happy life dissolves by itself. And yet,…

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    The Way

    It’s not about Good And Bad Not about Right And Wrong It’s about Fundamentally different way Of Living Life Living While Being Liberated

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    The demand to be safe in a relationship inevitably breeds sorrow and fear. The seeking for security invites insecurity. Have you ever found security in any of your relationships? Have you? Most of us want the security of loving and…

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    The Family And The Desire For Security

    WHAT AN UGLY thing it is to be satisfied! Contentment is one thing and satisfaction another. Satisfaction makes the mind dull and the heart weary; it leads to superstition and sluggishness, and the edge of sensitivity is lost. It is…