• My own writings

    I don’t know any bad or good people

    In my world we humans are neither good nor bad. Bad and good has ceased to exist for me. What I see is, that we have only taught each other certain beliefs. We believe that we are separated from each…

  • My own writings

    Diary of Dying

    I have no idea what this diary is supposed to be useful for. I know less and less basically. The treasure chest that I have built so passionately is of little use to me nowadays. The Satguru resides in my…

  • My own writings

    Half Asleep

    Nowadays I have less to say Not waiting for arguments or approval Everything falls into place The flickering of the ego here and there Does not matter What was that about loneliness? What all the frustration for? A lot of…

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    Weniger habe ich zu sagen  Weder auf Argumente wartend  Noch auf Zustimmung  Alles ordnet sich von selbst   Das Flackern des Egos hier und dort  Spielt keine Rolle  Was war das mit der Einsamkeit?  Wofür die Frustration?  Viel Lärm um Nichts   Die Anderen Schlafenden existieren…

  • Treasure Chest


    Non-forgiveness is often toward another person or yourself, but it may just as well be toward any situation or condition – past, present or future – that your mind refuses to accept. Yes, there can be non-forgiveness even with regard…

  • My own writings

    The power of the conditioned mindset

    The world is what it is. Neither good nor bad. There are uncountable beautiful, delightful, breathtaking things in our world. And I don’t just mean the spectacular mountain nature, the quiet golden beaches that stand in unbelievable contrast to the…

  • My own writings

    This loving stillness within me

    Without getting to know this loving stillness within me, I would never develop so much interest in the obstacles, that seem to cover this dimension, and thus inquiry and self-inquiry would never become as relevant as it is now.