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There is no such thing as personal happiness

Psychology is concerned with the phenomenal content of consciousness. Therefore it cannot show us the way to the nature of consciousness itself, and thus to lasting serenity, happiness, love and compassion.

Psychology can perhaps show us what content seems to obscure the true nature of our being, but the only way to know the nature of consciousness itself is to recognize the obscuration as non-existent.

Psychology may be good at describing phenomena. But ultimately, without deeper insight into the essence of our true nature, the essence of awareness and consciousness, psychology only solidifies and perpetuates the identification with the body-mind and the persona by offering solutions that underline the personal advantage and development, while the impersonal core of our being is not addressed..

As Francis Lucille says, “there is no such thing as personal happiness”. Only when one has understood that both our essence and the positive qualities that arise from this essence – be it love, happiness, serenity and compassion – are not personal, but universal, immortal, eternal, timeless and non-phenomenal, can we use psychology and any other science intelligently. Otherwise it is once again just a matter of preoccupation in the service of the illusory ego and “me”.

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