Guided meditations,  Treasure Chest

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Meditations and spiritual pointers from different eras, cultures and traditions. Read with the soft, loving voice of Samaneri Jayasāra. I can really warmly recommend, Samaneri Jayasāra as I know, love and admire a lot of her readings. On her YouTube channel she introduces herself as follows: “As a Buddhist nun, my intention with this channel is to offer these creative adaptations of spiritual teachings for the purpose of deepening spiritual understanding, contemplation, meditation, healing, devotion and relaxation for listeners.” She writes about her YouTube channel: “This channel is designed to provide listeners with a range of teachings from great spiritual Masters and to create a meditative mood so that the meaning can go deep and enter your heart. I thoroughly enjoy reading and creating these recordings and am delighted and touched by the many expressions of gratitude I receive. It is an honor to be of service to the Dhamma in this way.

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